22 september 2008

You can't normalize

So, spiteful autumn has decended upon us, like a nasty, bitter nine month hangover. Months like these that I curse being born north of Milan. On the other hand, hey, yet another excuse to work, look for work, and blog about working and looking for work. No use going outside, after all, with the looking like a smurf and that.

Was outside yesterday though, documenting my surroundings. Trying to pick up on photography again. Hopefully I got something good. Will post if I did.

Anyway, The Rapture released some new shit. The !K7 Tapes. Mixtape filled with NYC-ish dance, from the last 20-something years. Very hip. If DJ mixes is a pissing contest, The Rapture aims straight up, trusting gravity rainbow to keep them free of any golden showers. Not sure where this metaphore is going, but anyway, I like it. Go download.

Speaking of Gravitys Rainbow. Klaxons on the new Entourage. Amongst others. Sweet.

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