02 september 2008


I guess most frequent readers of this blog have noticed the fact that it's been dead since blody February. Not that it has stopped the 60+ hopeful mails I get every week from music promoters who just love my blog! The next time you mail me, I promise I will blog about you if you just include the word Haberdasher in as natural a context as you can possibly muster.

Anyway — there are several reasons for my absence. Moving closer to the capital and starting work on my masters thesis is one, a total disenfranchisement with this years music another.

I stand by my view that this year, musically, is a let down (the fact that my playlist for 2008 is a mere 500 tracks so far is a testiment), but there has certainly been a few standouts. Kele Oekeke howling on Biko and trying to stay drunk in Soho in Mercury are two. Skeletal Lampings is another one. The entirety of Foals magical Antidotes, Air Frances No Way Down, all of Santogolds and Cut Copys releases this year yet others.

So I guess, all in all, there are definitely some hopefuls this year too, like miniature lighthouses scattered across a vast and murky musical tundra. But for those, there are several blogs more fitted than mine. And for everything else, there's Hipster Runaway.

Anway — as always, Throwing credibilty to the four winds, I'll be back sooner than you think, Which is any time earlier than infinity you'll say, Yes but this time I'll try, really will, But that's hard to believe, I imagine you object, But just you wait and see.

Oh yes; In lieu of listening to music, I've been reading and researching. So if anyone wants to tip about a particularly good book, or discuss static analysis of C code, drop me one.

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det var på tiden! bättre sent än aldrig...

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what a pity that animal