15 september 2008

Deep truths and beer

Somewhere in the bottom of that fifth beer, we'd found a deep truth. The kind of deep truth one normally finds in empty bottles. "If you could have a threesome with MIA and Uffie, you'd be done with sex," I said to general agreement. "Just chop em off afterwards. Call the boys, tell em it's done. Get the knife. I've had my share. No need to be greedy." More nods, and just one more round before we head of to the next pub for that last pint or three.

In retrospect, drunken revelations are usually terribly underwhelming. This one's a bit rough too, but it rings some truth. Damn that woman, Well, dreaming's free (anyway, I heard Uffie was pregnant too? Definitely a big minus in the score card.)

Any way, this isn't supposed to be a blog about who I'd want to sleep with before getting ballchopped. I'm sure there are forums for that kind of thing on the internet. I just want to tip you off about this one from the Radioclit camp, posted by the Fluos a month or so back. This is what I get for never reading blogs anymore.

Esau Mwamwaya, Santogold, M.I.A & Radioclit - Get it up (Fluolink)

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