16 december 2007

From safety to where

You're right to bitch on me for not writing. It's yuletide, and I'm as absent as ever. And I'll be for a few more days. Expect the annual x-mas track bombing when we get lost in what was hot circa january. Oh, this year has gone by so fast; It seems like only a few days ago, Klaxons was yesterdays news. Like the Fluokids were hyping kuduro (aka the one hit wondergenré). Like The Bloody Beetroots suckered me of €35 just a month ago (hey guys, it'd be fucking nice if the fucking shirt fucking arrived like you fucking said it fucking would thirty-motherfucking-eight days a-fucking-go).

Right now I'm strapping down (on?) for exams. Tomorrow is Compilers, Thursday is Control Theory. It truly feels like I live in the best of times. All this stress has lead me to taking a break from music. So, lately I've mostly been listening to Joy Division. But then again, I saw Control about a week ago, so how couldn't I? Goddamn, Anton Corbijn is as a brilliant as Tony Willson is suave. When Atmosphere cued the credits, I actually cried a bit.

So, uhm. Sorry to leave you all hanging. I've got like five blog posts queued up, but no time to finnish 'em off. I've lost control again.

Yeah, fuck it. Let's end on the gay disco up and up, here's to next time, you're the closest friend I have, let's dance the night away, have some scotch, and all that.

Hot Chip - Dancing The Night Away

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