27 december 2007


A few weeks ago, I set out to compile the yearly lists. Thing is, however I started, it always ended up as a barely comprehendable set of pollysylabic racial slurs mixed with gratuitous profanity. I think this is might be one of less provocative intros;
When I was younger, I always wanted to a sleep with a girl with dreadlocks. You could say I was eco friendly. I especially had it in for girls who never showered. When a friend told me he actually ripped a dread clean of once, that just made me want it more. Recently, I feel less inclined. That Meduza-styled clusterfuck of rancid hair-sausages doesn't really scream sex to me. Not like a nice and tight miniskirt and an old fashion, home baked heroin addiction. You grow, I guess. Which, all in all, is just a really long way of saying I totally enjoyed Chris Nieratkos Skinema. 'Tis a great way to accrue the spirit of the season. Highly recommended.

Last night was some fucked up shit, but I came out the other side with just a few bruises and one too many promises to blog. So here I am, at night, sweating my syllables just for your damn near insatiable thirst for my word-vomit.
Anyway, you get what I was aiming for here. Sadly, I'm going to cut most of my yearly lists out. Uploading music is a horrible, horrible pain that I want to minimize my exposure to. Much like waterboarding. I'll try doing this one, and then we'll see.

A simple scratch of the surface gave me the impression that this year was boring, but a deep look through itunes proved me wrong. We got a lot of good shit this year. I'm gonna start of with some random favorites, mostly indie.

And yeah; I wont rank them, merely spill them out for you to form your own opinion. God knows I do enough for you people.

Anyway, to the list!

Black Kids - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you
These guys totally smashed onto the scene this summer, with everyone from Pitchfork to the bloghipsters singing praise like there was no tommorow. And it's great. Real great. Indie pop performed with a naivité so devoid of pretentions I feel like the Omaha State bombers for not being seventeen anymore.

Digitalism - Pogo
I can't even begin to express how pissed I was when the obvious assholes that schedule bands for Accelerator put Interpol and Digitalism on at the same time. "Hey, Johan; Let's put the best two bands on at the same time, huh? And maybe later we can hit a throat cancer support group and smoke on people". At least, that's how I imagine it went down. Sad, cause the festival was a fucking blast, best this year, and it had been perfect if I'd heard Pogo just once. Hands down, one of the greatest songs of the year. We could get so wasted if you would have come.

Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver
Speaking of Accelerator, that reminds me of three of my bigger passions; Music, binging and fast food. Thanks to that, this year has seen my body mass experience an explosive growth rate, as I've gradually started to mimic a sphere. Thankfully, I have someone who's legally obliged to love me as I transform to an amorphous ball of bigmac residue. I think Accelerator was one of the defining moments in our relation with regards to heavy drinking and fried cheese, when she had to carry me through Stockholm to a McDonalds at five in the morning. Just after seeing Interpol, and loving every split second of it.

LCD Soundsystem - All my friends + Someone Great
It should be pretty obvious to anyone with ears that James Murphy is trying to bring some old fashion class back to this neon-clad, historyless music scene. And that he's doing a pretty good job at it too. Both the DFA and LCD have been putting out white gold recently. Especially Sound of silver. Ripe with historical homage, but still a cohesive, mind-blowing experience. I was trying to pick just one track to publish, but I kept changing it. I've uploaded all of them a few times now. These two will have to do.

Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song + Sally Shapiro - I Know
I've written extensively about both of these. Despite their differing backgrounds, they both equally helped me through passing out on rubber sheets in Barcelona this january. I can think of no greater compliment. Mellow synths and italodisco is the trend of the year that wasn't, and it breaks my heart.

The Tough Alliance - Neo Violence
Really no contest here. Never has a band that perform so poorly live (they basically want to be smacked in the face) been so good on record. This is an amazing, danceable song from two of the most contientious hipsters you've ever seen. They just beg you to hate them, and it's still so awesome. This is doubtlessly my favorite track, although the entire record is draped in greatness.

Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
You have to hand it to Kitsuné, even when the compilations are so-so, they always manage to pick a few massive hits. This is one of them. Feists The Reminder was a stellar album in its own right, but she's has also been the target of some serious remix work. This is a king of the hill kinda dancefloor banger for the kids that you just can't not love. The bridge at about 3:30 and onwards just does it for me.

Klaxons - Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Rework)
This is real early 2007, but it's still a given on any walk through rainy Swedish nights, no matter how fucked a state of mind. From the opening synth loop and oohing first verse all the way through the epic crescendo at the seven minute mark ("You can forget our future plans, you can forget our future plans"), the relentless, driving kick drum and the melancholic piano makes this something almost uncomprehendably satisfying.

The Bloody Beetroots - Ezekiel eats Red Hoodie
Even though these two asshats still owe me a shirt, you've got to hand it to them. This is fucking sick. Like the sonic offspring of a chainsaw raping a washing machine, this is filthy, trashy, and volatile like an coked up hooker with a shotgun. The pounding bass line is barely manageable as it flails violently, trying to oscillate out of control, blowing out the speakers and leaving your skull a bloody pulp.

Justice - Dance (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Someone's called "The Album named after an isometric projection of a cross" both the worst and the best album of the year. And I'll have to agree. There's some real winners on it, but overall, it's bland. Dance is one of the standouts, and MSTRKRFT's refix is just enough to make you go fruit-miles beyond bananas.

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive 2007)
This is it. King koopa. Big boss, every category. Perfect execution from start to finish. DP is probably the only band that blows the likability meter clean off for just about everyone. From your grandma to dude next door who only watches old J-Lo videos all day. This is beyond bonkers (which, surprisingly, will be the title of my debut novel. web 2.0, motherfucker). Only regret is I didn't get to catch them live. Girl traveled to Tokyo just for them. Me, I'm just too poor.

Count Of Monte Cristal - Ghetto Bitches (Sinden Remix)
The Lil'Kim sample makes this entire track. I'm dead sold from the first phoneme. "To all my motherfucking gettin' money hoes. Used to selling clothes. And all my ghetto bitches in the project". I'm done. Bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches.

Dizze Rascal - Pussyole (Oldskool)
For some reason, this song is all Sangria, spring and B&H's for me. M+H has a few tracks that are just stellar, and some that are less so. But the album landed me my very first formal legal threat. From Web Sheriff, no less. Still keep me a framed copy, for reminiscing.

Maskinen - Alla Som Inte Dansar
This song has won probably Swedens biggest medal of honor. Like three stars in Swedens musical guide d'Micheline: It's featured on those suicide-inducing ringtone commercials on MTV that spin every two minutes. And oh how they deserve it. Everyone who doesn't dance is a rapist is a great eurojuke/ghettotech/whateverbeat, and they lyrics are great too. Swedens biggest Bonntölp, Frej, really makes his speech impediment work for him here.

Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango
OMG! How Pedestrian you'll probably say, to which I have to respond
Ir para o inferno (or something to that ilk, blame Google). Ok, With Lazers was sometimes less than stellar. But it was a party, and had all the essential moments; Crazy ass, jibberish dance songs, some asshole trying to spin metallica, and a guy shouting portugese at the top of his head (ok, I'm reaching here). Anyway, great song. The mix album is stellar. Fuck off.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes
Casette Playa wardrobe aside, M.I.A. is the sonic equivalent of Leila Khaled, hot as fuck, and deadly brilliant (okay, reaching again.) Paper Planes was without a doubt one of the biggest beats of the year, and a fitting representative for the overall amazing album that is Kala — beats that are big, wild, exciting and just mad decent mixed with provocative-were-I-a-brittish-nobleman-lyrics and produced to perfection. Big winner this year.

Adam Tensta - They Wanna Know
What they wanna know? Why Mr Ken Ring's such a hater? One of swedish hiphops biggest this year. And as far as radio bangers go, this is ruthless. Capitalizing 200% on the techno revival of the last few years, Mr Tensta won both a Grammis and the ever so brittle love of hipsters everywhere. My favorite part of this whole album though, is that Swedens biggest conservative newspaper did an interview with him, and included a sidebar explaining the four elements, bullet points and all.

Mike Jones - Turning Headz
This might be a bit of the sidelines, but I'm sold on dirty south, and that synth is about as heavy as it gets. And dude keeps shouting his own name all the time. What's not to love?

Anyways. That rounds up 2007 for me. I really have about 50 other tracks I'd love to post. But dude. Sheesh. That's some volume. Fuck that. I'ma get back to dreaming of getting my hands on that Eurogirls goes Baltimore-compo.

16 december 2007

From safety to where

You're right to bitch on me for not writing. It's yuletide, and I'm as absent as ever. And I'll be for a few more days. Expect the annual x-mas track bombing when we get lost in what was hot circa january. Oh, this year has gone by so fast; It seems like only a few days ago, Klaxons was yesterdays news. Like the Fluokids were hyping kuduro (aka the one hit wondergenré). Like The Bloody Beetroots suckered me of €35 just a month ago (hey guys, it'd be fucking nice if the fucking shirt fucking arrived like you fucking said it fucking would thirty-motherfucking-eight days a-fucking-go).

Right now I'm strapping down (on?) for exams. Tomorrow is Compilers, Thursday is Control Theory. It truly feels like I live in the best of times. All this stress has lead me to taking a break from music. So, lately I've mostly been listening to Joy Division. But then again, I saw Control about a week ago, so how couldn't I? Goddamn, Anton Corbijn is as a brilliant as Tony Willson is suave. When Atmosphere cued the credits, I actually cried a bit.

So, uhm. Sorry to leave you all hanging. I've got like five blog posts queued up, but no time to finnish 'em off. I've lost control again.

Yeah, fuck it. Let's end on the gay disco up and up, here's to next time, you're the closest friend I have, let's dance the night away, have some scotch, and all that.

Hot Chip - Dancing The Night Away