21 januari 2007

People dont dance no more

Just a few random notes before I pass out regarding the evening and the stay so far. Mostly for my own memory. Dont be surprised if its all gone in the morning.

Anyway - the place we went to tonight was the shit. Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Clap your hands, Klaxons, Interpol, The Blow, NYPC, etc. etc. The music was great, the people were pretty. Its more amazing than you can believe to shake it to rebellion with a thousand people. Shitfuck is the word youre searching for.

Anyways, this hostel computer is about to kill itself. Ill tag ya on monday. Damn I love this town.

This is Marcus at 6 in the morning, passing out. cheers :))!

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Shitfuck! Kan meddela att Linköping är mera pissfan. Snöar gör det också.
MVH Solhagatanten

viXXXen sa...

Hah, du föll för Barca, som alla vi andra! Holla!