11 februari 2010

What's for dinner?

I'm not one for photographing or blogging about my food. If the plate's not clean, it should be cleansed, quickly as possible. Hey, It's my food. You have no business looking at it any way. Get your own damn dinner.

Any way, my girlfriend doesn't see it like that, and spends most of our meals photographing like an asian tourist. See the results on her blog.

19 januari 2010

Acts of Man

Hi. This is how I look after a hefty two days of work. Or basically just all the time. Anyways. I've been listening to this on repeat all night, and it's exquisite. It's like Vicaden, but, you know, in a good way.

It's from some kind of limited ed 500 copies EP. Probably all over hypemachine since months ago, I really haven't checked. That's a cool way of saying I've no clue what the kids listen to these days. Either way, I enjoyed it.

15 januari 2010

08 januari 2010


29 december 2009


De fyra bilder jag lyckades ta på juldan: Lindis, Elin, Lindis vän, Bonnfyllo + Emil

Det här damp ner i ett mail precis, och det gillade jag:

Gtronic - Iron Man (Stereoheroes remix)

Bloghouse. Väldigt mycket 06-nostalgi. På tal om 06, ni borde lyssna på nya Uffie. Hennes rimmande får Carl Bildt att låta som Hova i jämförelse.

På tal om musik, förresten, här kommer årets pepp, de fem bästa låtarna som innehåller Africa:
  1. Toto - Africa
  2. The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa
  3. Toto - Africa
  4. jj - From Africa to Malaga
  5. Sally Shapiro - Dying in Africa
Nu ska jag på herrmiddag i Hässelby. Vuxna män gör saker tillsammans. Väldigt långt bort. Tjipp, motherfuckers!

25 december 2009

One more time

Hej. Jag kanske börjar blogga igen, men då blir det inte bara om musik. Kanske lite foton, allmäna observationer. Som det var förr, när alla bloggade. Annars kan ni alltid följa mig på Twitter här.

Förresten, gjorde enligt god juldagssed en årsbästalista. Den hittar ni på Spotify. På Spotify saknas tyvärr både Dizzee Rascals Holiday, Hyph Mngo av Joy Orbison och Grip Plyaz' Fuck Dat Hipster Shit. Ni får överleva.

Jul. God jul.

ps. Årets låt:

22 september 2008

You can't normalize

So, spiteful autumn has decended upon us, like a nasty, bitter nine month hangover. Months like these that I curse being born north of Milan. On the other hand, hey, yet another excuse to work, look for work, and blog about working and looking for work. No use going outside, after all, with the looking like a smurf and that.

Was outside yesterday though, documenting my surroundings. Trying to pick up on photography again. Hopefully I got something good. Will post if I did.

Anyway, The Rapture released some new shit. The !K7 Tapes. Mixtape filled with NYC-ish dance, from the last 20-something years. Very hip. If DJ mixes is a pissing contest, The Rapture aims straight up, trusting gravity rainbow to keep them free of any golden showers. Not sure where this metaphore is going, but anyway, I like it. Go download.

Speaking of Gravitys Rainbow. Klaxons on the new Entourage. Amongst others. Sweet.